Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scarves Here, Scarves There, Scarves Everywhere!

Spring is coming! I love to wear scarves in the spring when I don't necessarily need them, but dislike them in the winter. Necessities are never as fun as frivolities. Still, spring scarves are not so bulky and chunky. They are usually more delicate. 

Anyhow, I've been seeing adorable scarves everywhere! I've gathered up some of my favorites. The first two even have versions that won't break the bank. Go ahead, thank me ;)

click on the number to reach the link
These scarves are lovely, but even lovelier is the fact that there are some versions of them that won't damage your wallet quite so much.

1. Is this one not self explanatory? I certainly can't resist polka dots. In fact, I'd go as far as claim you can never have too many polka dotted (a word?) items!


2. Target's version of the above scarf is just as adorable for a fraction of the price! The dots are a little bit larger, but both scarves are rectangular with gently fraying edges.


3. Maps are one of my obsessions! I love it on most everything from stationary to umbrellas. Actually, I already own a scarf printed with a map. This is unique in its square shape though.


4. Notice a pattern? Once again, Target has come to the rescue! Target's version is navy blue and white. The colors are still ones I love, but they do differ from Madewell's pale green and black.

click on the number to reach the link
These last scarves are just as lovely. I simply can't find a version of them that will offer a better value.

5. Kate Spade's rectangular scarf has an image of the roads of New York with some blocks colored. First of all, I love New York. Secondly, the muted colors are perfectly balanced with some bursts of pink/red.


6. This crossword puzzle scarf is perfect! I'm afraid of color; well, at least I have difficulty wearing it. This scarf makes it so easy to wear though! The pops of color are not too overwhelming. Plus, look at what phrases are found in the puzzle. He loves me. He loves me not. It's too cute!


7. Animals are another print that I would fall for in a heartbeat. Flamingos aren't something you see too often. This alone makes the scarf worth it!


8. Madewell's square scarf has a colorfully diagram of the different city blocks in New York. This is similar to number five, but suited for those who prefer color. This bold and vibrant scarf is sure to be noticed!


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