Monday, February 18, 2013

Lilly in Watercolor

All around there are trees ready for their first green leaves to unfold. Flowers prepared to bloom. Grass all set to be rid of their brown and yellow blades.

I would readily agree to join those plants in their eagerness for spring. I'm more than happy to trade winter in for sunshine and warmth! Sadly, there's still two months left of bleakness. I needed a way to usher in spring early.

There's nothing that I associate with spring and summer more than Lilly Pulitzer. Her prints are vibrant and bold. I look forward to wearing her clothes as much as I look forward to the unfurling of those first leaves in their fresh young green.

Then, I spotted a great idea here. It was perfect; Carly used watercolors to paint some of her favorite Lilly prints. I tried my hand at watercolors with Lilly prints in mind also. The experience was more or less successful. It was lots of fun however.

I'm certainly no artist, but it was pretty fun to go out of my "boundaries". Do you ever try to do anything new and unexpected?

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  1. They're amazing! I can't believe you said you couldn't paint :) My favorite one is the last one!


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