Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Glitter Ornaments

Christmas is right around the corner! Decorations bring the holiday cheer to life! In preparation, I made a couple of glittery ornaments with a friend. I got this idea from the brilliant Ornament Girl. This was one of the simplest projects to complete. Honestly, don't be intimidated by this. Declared non-crafters can even complete this with ease! You end up with gorgeous ornaments that look exceptional without a whole lot of work involved. Let's start!

All that is required: clear ornaments, glass or plastic, floor finish, and super fine glitter. We used a mixed of silver and gold glitter. The glitter will be inside; therefore, the outside can be decorated will anything that you’d like. You can use sharpies to draw on the exterior of the ornaments. We choose this route, because it was the easiest. A no fuss method was the best!

First the caps of the ornaments are removed. Then, mix your glitter together if you plan on mixing colors. Afterwards, floor finish is poured into the clear ornament. Ensure that the entirety of the surface inside the ornament is covered. Glitter is then spooned into the hole. Move your ornament around until the glitter covers the entire surface area. Allow the glitter to dry before putting the the cap back on. In the middle of the glittery mess, I’d forgotten to take pictures to document the process. More detailed pictures and instructions can be found here

You can now decorate the outside with whatever you please! We chose to make some simple designs around the cap. Then, we wrote different quotes and messages like Joy to All.

My favorite was actually an ornament with one of Shakespeare's quotes. It says "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves". If you have dreams, then pursue them. The ability to achieve those marvelous dreams are within you. And with that, have a wonderful holiday season!

How are you preparing for the holiday season?

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